Civil Service

Lafayette Civil Service Attorneys

Even when you are protected by Civil Service laws, your rights as an employee can be violated. At The Landry Law Firm, we are committed to assisting police officers, first responders, fire fighters and teachers in the Lafayette and Southwest Louisiana area who feel they are being treated unfairly. We provide services to employees who were terminated, suspended or disciplined for reasons that may not always be allowed under employment and civil service laws. We have had a great deal of success protecting employees who were wrongfully terminated or treated unfairly under the rights granted to them by civil service.

Civil Service Laws and labor laws are meant to protect employees from a wide range of employer violations. However, there are still individual cases where a teacher, firefighter or police officer may be placed on administrative leave and need representation in front of civil service or administrative Boards as well as in a court of law. You can count on The Landry Law Firm for these cases, our experience speaks for itself. This is true whether you are being unfairly denied insurance, benefits or overtime pay pursuant to the law. Before you go to any hearing, it is typically a good idea to seek legal assistance to inform you of your full rights and to help provide as strong a case as possible.

Regardless of the circumstances of your discipline, suspension or termination, you still have the right to seek legal assistance. Whether you feel you have been terminated unfairly or you feel you have been suspended without proper cause, we can help. The Lafayette community and surrounding areas depend on their civil servants to continue to improve the conditions in our community and your rights deserve the same protection as every other citizen. It is never a good idea to try to represent yourself; instead, call The Landry Law Firm at 337-237-7135 and let us represent your interests in any upcoming hearings.”

Our firm is also approved attorneys for the Lafayette Police Association and the National Fraternal Order of Police.