Divorce and Family Law

Lafayette Domestic Law Attorneys

Louisiana is a community property state and if you are preparing for a divorce, contacting a Lafayette LA divorce attorney is critical to protect your interests. Because of how the law is written, spouses who are divorcing are entitled to 50 percent of all property acquired during the course of a marriage. These assets include all savings accounts, retirement accounts and property even if only one spouse worked during the marriage. There are some separate items that are not included in community property such as settlements from a personal injury or cash or property that was inherited.

Some of the other considerations that must be made in the divorce process include child custody and ongoing child support. Rather than try to navigate the divorce process on your own, call The Landry Law Firm for assistance with your Lafayette divorce. We have a full understanding of all the laws as they pertain to property division and we are prepared to listen to your concerns about child support and custody issues. At the Landry Law firm, we are prepared to litigate your divorce if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement about child custody issues. We know you want what is best for your children and we will do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome.  Daniel M. Landry III of our firm was voted one of the top family law attorneys in the Acadiana area by his peers. Call us today at 337-237-7135 to discuss your Louisiana divorce case.