Elder Law Estate Planning and Successions

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As we age there are a number of legal and financial considerations we must worry about. In addition to making sure we have sufficient assets to provide for our care as we age, we may also need assistance managing our finances and ensuring our assets are passed down in an appropriate manner to our heirs. In order to develop a strong financial plan and protect our own interests as we age, seeking the assistance of an elder law and estate planning firm is imperative. We often need to provide instructions for our care and appoint someone to deal with our financial matters in the event we are unable to do so for ourselves. These legal documents must be properly executed, witnessed and signed to protect our assets. Such document preparation includes wills,  trust preparation and management, power of attorney and medical directives.

While we are all concerned about how much money the government may get upon our death, there are many more issues to be concerned with. At The Landry Law Firm, we are well-versed in all aspects of financial planning and elderly law and can help with Medicaid issues, providing financial and health care powers of attorney and ensuring your estate is distributed in accordance with your final wishes. You can call on the team at The Landry Law Firm at 337-237-7135 and get started on an estate plan today. Remember, estate planning is not only for the very wealthy, anyone who is concerned about their estate should contact us immediately.