Employee Rights

Employee Rights Attorneys Lafayette

Employees have a right to a safe workplace and a right to be treated fairly in the workplace. In accordance with rules put down by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) all workers are entitled to a safe workplace which includes proper training and safety equipment commensurate with their job. Those who report hazardous workplace conditions also are protected from retaliatory firing. As an employee rights law firm in Lafayette, LA The Landry Law Firm can help employees with some of these issues:

Wage disputes

As an employee in a Lafayette company, most workers are entitled to a minimum wage, reimbursement for certain expenses and the right to overtime payment. Any employee who is not being paid fairly has the right to file a suit against their employer.

Sexual harassment

No worker should ever have to be concerned about sexual harassment whether it is from coworkers or superiors. You have the right to feel comfortable in your workplace and not be subject to unwanted advances. If you have complained about harassment and your superior has opted to do nothing, you should contact The Landry Law Firm for help.

Unlawful termination

Because Louisiana is an “at will” work state, oftentimes employees feel they can be terminated for any issue. However, there are still cases when an employee is terminated because of their age, a physical disability or because they have filed a complaint. The Landry Law Firm is well-versed in various areas of employment law and can help protect your rights.


Employees are protected from being discriminated against because of their age, sex or their religion. Employers must abide by discrimination laws in hiring and promotions and may not take any of these things into consideration. Any person who has a strong belief they are passed over for a job or for promotion based on any of these factors needs to get competent legal assistance.

Employment law is very complicated and oftentimes, Lafayette residents are not aware of their rights under the various laws. Whenever you feel you are victimized by an employer who is not paying you for overtime pay, is not paying minimum wage or has retaliated against you for being a whistleblower, you should contact the legal team at The Landry Law Firm. We are available to review your case, simply call us at 337-237-7135 for more information.